40% less sugar

than the leading brand

over 70%

organic ingredients

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a good story

Once upon a time...there were two kids whose parents really didn't want them eating their favorite chocolates.

Not much of a story there, but it made these brothers dream: could they remake their favorites without the bad stuff?

A thousand recipes later (for real), they cracked the code to making some of the best tasting chocolate snacks ever.

We aren’t kids anymore. But we’re still inspired by our unreal dream.

Good is back, and it’s just warming up.

Nicky, 21

Kris, 24

doing good

isn't so hard

(you just need to care about what's good)

non-gmo verified

fair trade ingredients

sustainable ingredients

organic ingredients

nothing artificial

certified gluten free*


unreal taste

*peanut and almond butter cups are certified GF, milk-chocolate gems are not vegan

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