Where is UNREAL made?

Our candies are 100% made in North America.

How can I trust your candy is really non-GMO?

During development, we went through a painstaking process to ensure we only use ingredients that are free from GMOs (which is harder than you might think!), and every ingredient big or small has documentation to this effect. As the use of GMOs in the food supply are relatively new, there has been no comprehensive testing done as to their effects. There are strong arguments on both sides regarding the safety of products containing GMOs, but no one knows the long-term effects.

Is UNREAL candy wheat- or gluten-free?

All of our candy has been made with 100% gluten-free ingredients, but we manufacture in facilities that also handle products containing gluten. The “possible wheat allergen” warning is a legal disclaimer to warn people that there may be atmospheric gluten that makes its way into our candy during production. We have tested all of our products for gluten and they all came back as, less than 5 parts per million. For context, the “gluten-free" threshold is less than 20 parts per million. But remember, analytical testing is one point in time and although we are careful to keep all potential cross-contamination to a minimum, there is always a potential.

Does UNREAL candy contain tree nuts? Is any UNREAL candy risk-free when it comes to nuts?

The “may contain” allergy warning exists on our products, including those made without nuts, because all candies are processed on machinery that also processes peanuts and tree nuts. All of our candy products should be consumed with caution should you have any forms of allergies.

Is UNREAL candy Kosher?

All of our candy is certified under the same organization, Circle-K. You'll notice the symbol of the letter K within a circle on the back our packaging.

Is UNREAL candy organic?

No. However, we use selected organic ingredients where we felt there is a significant benefit.

Is Unreal candy all-natural?

Yes! But we cannot technically claim “all-natural” on the Gimme Ones or the Nutty Ones, as the FDA considers coloring one product with the color of another product to be artificial, even if it is just done with the juice of a vegetable.

Is UNREAL candy fair trade/ethically sourced?

Doing the right thing by people is just as important to us as unjunking your candy, which is why we source our cacao beans from farms in Ghana and Ecuador that have been audited for human rights and best growing practices. We are currently working on 3rd party certifications including a potential change to Fair Trade Cacao.

Is UNREAL candy corn-free?

Yes, it is 100% corn-free. Prebiotic fiber comes from sugar cane, there are no corn-based alcohols, and packaging starch/“flow agents” are made from tapioca starch.

Is UNREAL candy considered “diabetic-friendly”?

All of our candies have been created to be Low Glycemic Index and have been tested to insure that they meet this standard. Our candy has, on average, 40% less sugar on a product-to-product basis (with the full transparency that our products are 15% smaller than the competition), and this is in itself beneficial to the diabetic community. We have also added the maximum possible amounts of protein and fiber, which positively impacts the glycemic effect of our products. This basically means when you eat it, you have less of a blood sugar spike and less of a “crash" afterwards.

How long is UNREAL candy’s shelf life, and is it safe to eat after the “Get UNREAL By” date?

UNREAL candy with peanuts has a shelf life of 9 months, and UNREAL candy without peanuts has a shelf life of 12 months. The “Get UNREAL By” date is the “consume by” date (as opposed to “sell by” date). Like any natural food, it’s always best to consume it before its “best before” date (which we think will be easy, as you can’t resist eating it as soon as you get it!)

Do you have any plans for dark chocolate products? Vegan products? Fruity candy?

Yes, we are already working on dark chocolate versions of our candies, which will also be vegan. We are constantly innovating, so stay tuned to see what comes through the pipeline next!

Is UNREAL sold in Canada?

Unfortunately, not yet! While we are currently focused on rolling out across the US, plans to unjunk our friends up north are already in the works, so stay tuned!

I don't live in the US, is it possible to get UNREAL anywhere overseas or have some sent to me?

We are sorry to say that we are only available in the US right now, so if you visit the States, make sure to stock up!

Where can I buy UNREAL?

Check out our store locator for a retailer near you!

I am interested in wholesale options, selling UNREAL, or becoming a distributor. Who do I get in touch with?

Awesome! You can email Please be as descriptive as possible and include your or your store's location.